Past Meetings

Annual Meeting 2020

The first meeting of London Genetics Network was held on 4 December 2020 featuring scientific talks and an early career research poster competition. Three carer awards that offer financial support with childcare for the meeting were also awarded.

Schedule of the meeting is shown below:

Chairs Time Speaker Title
  9.40-10.00 Opening session & welcome to Network  
Dr Nick Luscombe (Crick Institute) 10.00-10.25 KEYNOTE Prof Thalia Eley (KCL) The genetics of anxiety: a new dawn is rising
  10.25-10.50 KEYNOTE Dr Nathan Skene (Imperial) Genetic identification of cell types underlying brain disorders and cognitive traits
  10.50-11.10 COFFEE    
Dr Emma Meaburn (Birkbeck) 11.10-11.30 Dr Kaitlin Samocha (Sanger) Investigating the genetic basis of developmental disorders
  11.30-11.50 Dr Oliver Pain (KCL) Imputed Gene Expression Risk Scores: A Functionally Informed Component of Polygenic Risk
  11.50-12.10 Dr Olga Giannakopoulou (UCL) Disentangling the genetics of depression in diverse populations
  12.10-12.30 Dr Conrad Iyegbe An investigation of influenza-mediated susceptibility to schizophrenia
  12.30-1.00 LUNCH & POSTER SESSION    
Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker (UCL) 1.00-1.25 Prof Andrew McQuillin (UCL) Genomics in Psychiatry – beyond a categorical diagnosis
  1.25-1.50 Prof Frank Dudbridge (Leicester) Evaluating genetic prediction of multiple outcomes
  1.50-2.00 COFFEE BREAK    
Dr Yalda Jamshidi (St George’s) 2.00-2.20 Opinion paper 1 Prof Aroon Hingorani (UCL) Future directions in human genetics: Democratising drug development through human genomics
  2.20-2.40 Opinion paper 2 Prof Sir Mark Caulfield (QMUL) Future directions in human genetics:Insights from the Chief Scientist of Genomics England
  2.40-3.00 Opinion paper 3 Prof Angelica Ronald (Birkbeck) Future directions in human genetics: Why development offers a much-needed bigger picture
  3.00-3.20 ECR poster awards Prof Robert Plomin (KCL) Presentation from Chair of poster committee
  3.20-3.30 Closing Remarks    
  3.30-4.15 Strategy meeting for Network Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker (UCL)