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Registration is now open for the London Genetics Network annual meeting on Friday December 3rd 2021 (online).

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We are delighted to announce an amazing schedule of outstanding speakers from London institutions (see below)

Post-meeting social

Unfortunately, in-person social after the meeting will be postponed to early 2022 due to uncertainties of the Omicron variant.

Schedule on Friday December 3rd 2021

Time Agenda
9.30-9.45 Prof Karoline Kuchenbaecker (UCL)
Welcome and introduction
9.45-10.30 KEYNOTE - Professor Gudrun Moore (UCL)
The Baby Bio Bank: An international resource for genetic research into common pregnancy complications.
10.30-10.50 Baihan Wang (UCL)
Mixed-model GWAS in diverse populations: an analysis of verbal memory in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study
10.50-11.00 COFFEE BREAK
11.00-11.20 Dr Qinqin Huang (Sanger)
Transferability of genetic loci and polygenic scores for cardiometabolic traits in British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis
11.20-11.40 Dr Anna Gui (Birkbeck)
Focusing on infancy in behavioural genetics
11.40-12.00 Dr Wikus Barkhuizen (UCL)
Intergenerational transmission of childhood symptoms of ADHD in the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort
12.00-12.20 Dr Kaili Rimfeld (KCL)
Genetics of intelligence
12.50-1.35 KEYNOTE - Dr Segun Fatumo (LSHTM)
African genome resource for novel gene discovery and polygenic prediction
1.35-2.00 Dr Yalda Jamshidi (St Georges)
Disease gene identification in consanguineous populations from the Middle East
2.00-2.25 Dr Jonathan Coleman (KCL)
Considerations for psychiatric phenotyping in large-scale genetic cohort
2.25-2.50 Dr Greg Findlay (Crick)
Assaying all Possible Variants with Saturation Genome Editing
3.00-3.20 ECR Poster Awards (independent poster judging committee)
3.20-3.30 Prof Angelica Ronald (Birkbeck)
Closing remarks
4.00-6.30 In-person networking social
Postponed due to uncertainties of the Omicron variant

Poster competition and carer award

The London Genetics Network invites poster presentations for the Annual Meeting 2021. The online posters will be in the form of short videos. Academics affiliated with an institution based in London or the surrounding areas are eligible to submit a poster for the meeting. There will also be a poster competition for Early Career Researchers and a carer award that eligible participants can apply for. Detailed instructions are below.

Instructions on how to record your video poster

Step 1 – Prepare your poster using Powerpoint. We recommend a single slide with background, methods, results and discussion sections.

Step 2 – Prepare the script for the talk that you want to give alongside your poster.

Step 3 – Record your talk on Zoom (or other recording software if preferred). Use the zoom function from within the presenter’s view (usually in the bottom left of the screen) to zoom in on specific sections of your poster as you talk through them, so that viewers of your video poster can clearly see each section of your poster. Particular care should be taken to make sure figures and tables are clearly visible when discussing results.

Many people already have a Zoom account from their university or workplace. If you do not have an account already you can make a free account at

The final video should be under 5 minutes long, aim for 3-5 minutes.

Once you have a Zoom account when you are ready to record your presentation follow the steps below

  1. Open your presentation
  2. Start a zoom call
  3. If you are muted, click unmute and if your video camera is not on, click the start video symbol
  4. Click Share Screen
  5. Select your presentation in the dialogue box that opens up and click share
  6. Make your presentation full screen. You can resize the windows to make the video of yourself speaking bigger or smaller as you prefer.
  7. In the screen sharing menu click More then click Record or Record on this Computer (If the meeting control panel has disappeared from view, you can see it again by hovering your cursor over the green “You are screen sharing” bar)
  8. A red circle will show up in the menu this indicates you are being recorded
  9. Present your work. If you want to pause the recording use the menu
  10. When you are finished use the menu to stop the recording and stop the screen share then end the meeting
  11. Zoom will then convert the video and save it
  12. If you are using a PC you can find the saved mp4 file in Documents\zoom. If you are using a Mac you can find the file in Documents/Zoom/date‐time‐stamped‐folder
  13. Feel free to edit your view if you want.
  14. Once you are happy with your presentation, rename the file with the following format: SURNAME.mp4
  15. Email the mp4 file, as well as the poster file in pdf format, to together with the following information a. Name b. Position c. Institution d. Whether you are an Early Career Researcher (ECR) or non-ECR e. Poster title f. Co-authors g. A short synopsis of no more than 3 sentences

Feel free to use a different software to record your video if you prefer. However, please make sure that the video is in mp4 format.

Please send your video poster to

For the poster competition, posters will be judged by an independent poster committee of London-based human geneticists.

Poster submission deadline: Sunday 28th November 2021 at 11:59pm

Instructions on application for carer award:

Eligibility criteria:

If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to apply, please send the following information to

  1. Full name and title
  2. Institution
  3. Position (e.g. PhD student/Postdoc/Lecturer)
  4. The following sentence: “I confirm that I meet the eligibility criteria for the carer award”

Carer awards application deadline: Friday 26th November 2021 at 12:00pm

We look forward to seeing you at the online meeting!

Organising committee

Dr Ryan Arathimos - Early Career Researcher Rep

Dr Ryan Arathimos is a postdoctoral researcher at King’s College London. His research involves using genomics to investigate the effects of molecular phenotypes on psychiatric diseases such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Professor Angelica Ronald - Founder of London Genetics Network

Angelica Ronald is Professor of Psychology and Genetics at Birkbeck, University of London, and director of the Genes Environment Lifespan laboratory. She co-founded the London Genetics Network in 2020 with Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker.

Professor Karoline Kuchenbaecker - Founder of London Genetics Network

Karoline Kuchenbaecker is Associate Professor at University College London. Her group studies the genetics of complex traits in ancestrally diverse populations.

Kai Xiang Lim - Communications Manager

Kai is a PhD student at King’s College London. He studies the aetiology of self-harm using genetically informed methods.


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