Annual Meeting 2021 - Register now!

Registration is now open for the London Genetics Network annual meeting on Friday December 3rd 2021.

You can now register at Eventbrite using this link:

We are delighted to announce an amazing schedule of outstanding speakers from London institutions (see below)

Coming soon - poster submission details and how to apply for a carer award for those with young children.

After the meeting, we will have in-person social after the meeting at Granary square, King’s Cross 4-6.30pm

Schedule on Friday December 3rd 2021

Time Agenda
9.30-9.45 Welcome and introduction
9.45-10.30 KEYNOTE - Professor Gudrun Moore (UCL)
The Baby Bio Bank: An international resource for genetic research into common pregnancy complications.
11.00-11.20 Dr Qinqin Huang (Sanger)
Transferability of genetic loci and polygenic scores for cardiometabolic traits in British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis
11.20-11.40 Dr Anna Gui (Birkbeck)
Focusing on infancy in behavioural genetics
11.40-12.00 Dr Wikus Barkhuizen (UCL)
Intergenerational transmission of childhood symptoms of ADHD in the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort
12.00-12.20 Dr Kaili Rimfeld (KCL)
Genetics of intelligence
12.50-1.35 KEYNOTE - Dr Segun Fatumo (LSHTM)
African genome resource for novel gene discovery and polygenic prediction
1.35-2.00 Dr Yalda Jamshidi (St Georges)
Disease gene identification in consanguineous populations from the Middle East
2.00-2.25 Dr Jonathan Coleman (KCL)
Considerations for psychiatric phenotyping in large-scale genetic cohort
2.25-2.50 Dr Greg Findlay (Crick)
Assaying all Possible Variants with Saturation Genome Editing
3.00-3.20 ECR Poster Awards (independent poster judging committee)
3.20-3.30 Closing remarks